Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the passage to and the use of secretmsg.xyz platforms and services, through the Website.

All users must comply with the terms & conditions on this page to use a secret msg link.

Public Use

All users should act according to ethics and values and should refrain from insulting and abuse of the site.

Analytics information

We use third-party Google analytics tools to help us measure user's traffic and usage trends for the Website. These tools find to collect the information sent by your app device, our Website. Including the website pages you visit, add-ons, and other pieces of information that assists us in improving the page. We collect data & use this analytics information with analytics information from other Users so that it not reasonably be used to identify any particular individual User.

Non-Registered Users

Non-registered users can reach only the parts of the Services that are publicly available and do not enjoy all of the privileges of being a registered member. However, non-registered users are still bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Denial of Access

The secret msg link has the right to block any user from accessing the Website or using its services in general


Impersonation, by name, is not allowed, and the secret msg link has the right to take adequate actions.


A website is a feedback tool meant to gather honest and constructive feedback from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or others. Constructive feedback is meaningfully specific, contains advice, and is encouraging. While giving feedback, be sure that you stay positive - this does not mean that you cannot criticize, but give at least as much positive feedback as well. If you want to criticize something, do it humbly. Don't say “You're wrong!” Instead say, “That was wrong.”

Removal and Blocking of Content and Accounts

The secret msg link has the power to block or remove content and accounts for any reason it sees fit. Also, you acknowledge that we have your consent to monitor and block content that we deem to be harassing or bullying.


The secret msg link has the right to use the information input by users with agreement to the privacy policy.


Users must be at least 16 years old to access or use our platforms or services.

Receiving a criticizing Message

Positive messages are not always received. It is possible that you will receive a message that is unexpected, that you do not agree with, or that evokes strong emotions. Do not get mad if you receive messages like that; instead, get curious about how the issue can be resolved. You have an opportunity to grow here. Remember that we all grow at our own pace. You can put this Message aside and come back to it when you think the time is right for you.

Discuss your emotions with trusted friends or family if you continue to feel down. You can and want to be taken care of by some people!

Also, we cannot help you with a negative message, harassing text, or bad words. Due to the fact that this application is completely anonymous, anyone can message you if you share your link with the public. Try to share the link with your friends. Then you can easily figure out who messaged you. Anonymous users cannot send you messages & track them. Understand how our app works.

Please do not email us about this. All of you accepted our terms and conditions before creating the link.

Delete the bad message & move on. The purpose of this game is to have fun and entertain. Not to hurt others.

Governing Law

The services provided by the secret message link shall be subject to all applicable Indian regulations. Any conflict shall be before the courts of Kolkata, India.

Limits of Responsibility

All written content on the Website is owned by its respective owners, and the secret msg link is not responsible for any damages caused by this content.


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